Metal Roofing and Metal accents

Metal roofing and metal accents

FairClaims Roofing installs metal roofing systems for roof replacements, new construction homes & buildings, and as metal accents. Below are examples of some of our metal work.


Important facts about metal roofs:

Most metal roofing systems can carry up to 160 mph wind warranty, are class 4 impact resistant, and have a large color pallet that are energy star rated. These roofs have the longevity a composition roof does not, but will also pay for themselves in energy saving and insurance discounts over the life of the roof.

The most important thing about metal roofing is understanding what kind of panels you are looking to install. Metal roofs are either exposed fastener systems or concealed fastener systems, come in multiple gauges or thickness of the panel, and offer different paint finished that are warranted accordingly.

Metal gauges

We recommend using 24 ga metal panels to have the needed strength again oil canning, denting, and punctures. Thinner 26 ga panels are less expensive but are usually not as durable as the 24 ga panels and are much more vulnerable to damage. 22ga or 20ga panels are used in situations where decking isnt present under the panels and are more than most customers need with a traditionally constructed home.

paint finish types

There are two paint finished that come on panels. A kynar finish is the best finish and most recommended. The 7 step backed on process comes with a 30yr warranty against fading, peeling, or cracking. Kynar is pretty typical on most 24 ga steel coils. The other paint finish panels can have is an SMP finish. These are more common on 26 ga panels but can be on some 24 ga colors. The SMP finish only has a 5yr warranty that could leave your investment unattractive too prematurely.

Exposed fastener systems

Exposed fastener systems are installed externally through the panel leaving the fastener exposed with a sealed rubber gasket. The most common exposed fastener systems are R-Panel, U- panel, or 5-v Crimp. Most pre-fab metal building are made using r-panel. We will install an exposed fastener roofing system, but highly recommend a concealed fastener system for residential homes. Exposed fastener roofs are only sealed by gaskets on the fasteners and will ultimately require additional maintenance and/or fasteners.

Concealed Fastener snap lock Systems

Concealed Fastener systems are fastened through a screw fin on the inside portion of the ribbed seam with the connecting panel locking in place over the ribbed seam concealing the fasteners and while securing the panel. These systems make sure the roof is meant to last with little to no maintenance. Our concealed fastener systems are also fully concealed at all the transitions, headwall and sidewall detail, and hip and ridge caps using z-bar and the appropriate trim. Some competitors have CF Panel systems that still fasten externally in all of these locations defeating the CF panel benefit.