Maintenance & Repair

FairClaims Roofing & Construction offers all types of roof repairs and roof maintenance.  If your home or property has a roof leak, we can evaluate the problem and quote the needed repairs accordingly.  

Below are a few examples of common roof repairs


LEAKING Chimney 

This home was leaking where the roof met the metal chimney cricket.  We completely replaced the rusting cricket with new decking shingles, and fully replaced the chimney flashing to comprehensively repair the leak. 


Leaking Roof jack 

The most common roof maintenance issue is roof jacks.  These common 3 in 1 rubber boot plumbing jackets typically break down and split where the pvc pipe extends through the jacket.  These have to be replaced with new roof jacks and shingles to prevent water intrusion where they are split.  


Leaking flashing

This property had to have the gutters, fasica board, flashing, shingles, and decking all removed and replaced to repair the rusted headwall flashing that was allowing water penatration through the roof.