TPO single ply membranes

TPO or Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a single ply membrane system used on flat or slow slope roofs and is the product we most commonly use for these applications. There are several manufacturers on TPO and this membrane comes in different mills or thickness with each grade adding better durability. This product is so popular because it can actually go over most current systems, is energy star approved for energy efficiency, and how well it bonds to itself at the seams during the heat welding process. Once this product is properly secure, it practically a fail proof system. Let us help solve your commercial or residential flat roofing problems with a consultation and estimate today.


Large commercial retrofit install

This was a large commercial project we completed for an office building and warehouse using a fully adhered 80 mil TPO system right on top of the existing R panel surface.

Small Roof repairs

TPO also works great on low slope of rusted flat metal pans. Attached is a repair photo of a before and after using 60 mil TPO fully adhered and heat welded to TPO coated perimeter flashing.



Completed commercial Retrofit

Attached is another completed project installing a mechanically attached 60 mil TPO Roofing system over the previously leaking r-panel.