Roof Integrity Inspection

If you are buying or selling a home, it is always in your best interest to have one of our experts inspect the roof. Most home inspectors only look at the roof from the ground with binoculars and could be overlooking major problems. Our experts will inspect the roof and check to make sure the roof is free from defective shingles, unaddressed storm damage, maintenance concerns, or other significant installation flaws. The cost for a written inspection report with photos is $150,00. We will also provide an estimate for any needed repairs.


Christmas light staples

This homeowner recently purchased this home and now has leaks because the inspector didn’t mention the staple hazard caused from by the previous owner’s Christmas light installation. These shingles all had to replaced at the new owners expense.


Poor repair work

This buyer had us do a roof inspection just in case. Good thing! The seller had previously had the roof repaired by a competitor who did not replace all the damaged shingles at the time of repair. You can see the caulked fasteners rather than new shingles where it looks like a tarp had previously been…


Improperly placed and overdriven nails on Brand new home

Even brand new homes don’t necessarily have everything done correctly. The high end production home was installed with an unregulated nail gun that shot a majority of the nails through the shingles as well as placed them above the nail line. This would have led to slide offs, blow offs, and premature failure had it not been caught prior to closing and corrected.